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Industrial RobotizedSystem without fencing for use inshared spacewith operators) is a project co-financedwith FEDER funds through the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology. (CDTI) within the INNTERCONECTA call created to promote innovative experimental development projects carried out through business consortiums.

Within the consortium organized for this project, led by DGH, Itera Técnica participates in charge of the development of multifunctional tools for use in shared workspaces.

ROBERTO’s main objective is the development and implementation of sensing and control technologies for application to high-speed and high-speed industrial robot safety systems.

load capacity that carry out operations in unfenced shared spaces. ROBERTO

shares the workspace with the operators, under a co-worker robot concept, with human-robot interaction capabilities to facilitate the programming of trajectories through manual guidance and with detection and identification capabilities in order to increase both the flexibility and the autonomy of robot operation.

At present, the application of unfenced industrial robots (fenceless) in an industrial environment is residual (practically non-existent) as they are not safe for operators and, consequently, these installations cannot be certified from a safety point of view. However, suitable sensing technology already exists that could be adapted for application to the design of an industrial robotic cell in a shared environment.

In this context, ROBERTO presents the following technical objectives:

1. Develop a multi-level active safety system adapted for safe use of high-speed, high-capacity industrial robots in shared space.

2.Develop a flexible robotic system that can be programmed with a high level of abstraction.

Develop multifunctional tools.

4.Develop a novel sensorization system based on low-cost sensors for detection and localization of operators/objects for safe operation in shared environment.

It will involve:

5. Demonstrate the compact fenceless robotic solution in shared space in a relevant operational environment – automotive and metal-mechanical industry.