Category: Maritime sector


CYDEMATI is a project carried out in collaboration with the CIMA Research Group (EG-06) belonging to the University of Vigo.

The final objective of the CYDEMATI project is to achieve a virtual characterization of the composite materials used in the manufacture of ship hulls, allowing for their finite element analysis, and thus to be in a position to optimize their geometry. In this way, a higher material yield will be obtained, avoiding excessive thicknesses, which will allow a mass lightening of the ships with its corresponding performance benefit.

For this purpose, tests were carried out on specimens taken during the manufacture of a hull, as required by the relevant regulations. These tests have been observed in-situ by the research team of the CIMA group and carried out in the laboratory of the company RODMAN POLYSHIPS S.A. by its competent personnel. These tests have been carried out in accordance with the regulations of Lloyd’s Register, one of the most important classification societies in the shipbuilding industry.

Technical Objectives:

  • Development of new methodologies for the calculation and design of boats based on composite materials.
  • Remarkable optimization of the stiffness/weight trade-off.
  • Time and cost reduction in ship design
  • Increased productivity in the basic ship engineering process.
  • To solve stress calculation situations of hulls with clearly heterogeneous and anisotropic materials.
  • To accurately determine the load distribution along the hull structure in such a way that all the elements that make up the structural architecture of the vessel can be optimized.
  • Construction of two prototype hulls corresponding to each of the models covered by this project: recreational and professional sailing. They will be built once the design of the structural architecture that meets the FEA test correlation has been obtained.