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This project aims to develop an effective and optimized system for the dosing and application of mastic beads used in automotive sealing and soundproofing gaskets based on advanced robotics and monitoring technologies, as well as highly efficient fluid devices.

VALERIA is a project co-financed with ERDF funds (ERDF Operational Program for R&D&I by and for the benefit of companies), within the framework of the financial instrument “ICO INNOVACION FONDO TECNOLÓGICO”, which is included in the Call for Strategic Projects of CDTI.

VALERIA’s main objective is the development of an effective and optimized system for the dosing and application of sealing and soundproofing beads in painting and cataphoresis lines in the automotive sector.

In this context, VALERIA has the following technical objectives:

1. To develop a precision valve according to the properties of the mastic.
2. Develop a flow control system to achieve a homogeneous and uniform application.
3. Develop optimized Peltier modules improving the thermal conditioning of the fluid in the process.
4. Nozzle design in accordance with the mastic to achieve a constant laminar regime.
5. Development of an application system that reduces pressure losses to achieve a homogeneous spray pattern and minimize splashing.
6. Automate the process by means of robots linked to an intelligent programming system.
7. Design and implement a control station for 100% of the cordons.
8. Develop self-learning algorithms for the entire prototype line.
9. Simulate system degradation to predict the necessary maintenance operations.