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The project is financed by the EUROPEAN REXIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUNDwithin the CONECTA – PEME Program in its 2014 call, in which also collaborates the AXENCIA GALEGA DE INNOVACIÓN of the XUNTA DE GALICIA, and consists in integrating and optimizing a range of medical and manufacturing technologies which, through the use of new materials, makes it possible to design and produce customized prosthetic fasteners at affordable prices.

The general objectives of PROMARK are to, meet the current needs of women who have undergone a mastectomyThe development of a technology that makes it possible to design and produce customized breast bras for this type of user.

ITERA TÉCNICA shows a clear commitment in this ambitious project and the objective in this sense is that the effort in aspects such as quality and innovation can be compensated with a good positioning in the market with respect to its competitors, for which a permanent adaptation and evolution of both materials and new technologies is necessary.

The bras are designed according to a bio-compatible geometry with the user’s mastectomy. For this reason, both the cup and the padding are specifically designed with the geometry of the user’s body in mind. In addition to this, we never lose sight of the premise of obtaining aesthetically attractive bras, linked to current fashion trends, nor of overcoming the main obstacle to the development of these bras, which lies in the very high cost of their development with current technology.

Obtaining these fully customized, aesthetically attractive, low-cost bras is a reflection of the clear commitment to this project shown by the company, and in this sense, the enormous effort in aspects such as quality and innovation.