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AEROGAL is a project financed by the EUROPEAN FUND FOR REXIONAL DEVELOPMENTwithin the CONECTA – PEME Program in its 2013 call, in which the AXENCIA GALEGA DE INNOVACIÓN of the XUNTA DE GALICIA also collaborates and which fundamentally develops a integrated work platform for the aeronautical sector.

It seeks to take advantage of the resources available in the autonomous community of Galicia, such as existing technologies, infrastructure and machinery, but above all the know-how from the automotive sector, to orient them directly to the machining of special materials such as titanium, composites or special aluminum or nickel alloys.

ITERA TÉCNICA carries out the integral development of a virtual tool that allows to obtain new methodologies of calculation and design of aircraft parts, in order to achieve the optimization of the industrialization process, the reduction of time and consequently, costs. The aim is to develop reliable structural calculation systems for parts made of special materials, which requires specific FEA calculation techniques and the use of highly advanced software (ANSYS V12).

Through a horizontal and parameterizable knowledge, this specific engineering tool developed by ITERA TÉCNICA offers answers to a whole series of needs specific to the aeronautical sector, and even with potential application to a whole range of sectors.

While it is true that the introduction in the aeronautical sector increases ITERA’s market share, as well as its competitiveness, technological and commercial positioning in the international market, we must emphasize the important effort required for the company to have all the necessary resources to address a challenge of this magnitude and relevance.