In ITERA TÉCNICA, we apply industrial engineering to solve problems. We are strongly oriented to R+D+I, but we also have an own workshop in which  we realize the following activities:

 Prototypes construction of Research and Development products.

Assembly, repair and maintenance of diverse industrial  equipment.

 Prototypes and pieces tests and structural analyses.

These activities complement each other with a serie of reseach services, applied in advanced technologies of mechanical design and new materials. Our guarantees are our human capital, as well as the careful plan of update and permanent training in the use of the most advanced tools.

The aim is specific, to offer an answer accoring to the requirements of our clients, in each of the sectors to which they belong.  Being able to attend to the needs of industrial sectors as the energetic one, the automotion, chemical and pharmacist, or others as supply, aeronautics, etc, but in all moment, putting a special effort in what quality and the delivery times it refers.

Taller industrial Itera-t IMG_20150605_112413

Taller Itera Técnica
Taller Itera Técnica