The engineering services that we offer incorporate the most advanced technologies as for the design of product and / or process. We possess the structural calculation tool ANSYS,  as well as the design software 2D AutoCAD and design programs in 3D like CATIA. Our activities are focused in calculation, design and assistance on the productive process of our clients. Between others, we provide technical services as:

• Calculation and design of special equipments for the industry

• Development of automated processes  for the industry.

• Development of products produced in series.

• Accomplishment of structural calculation.

• Technical assitance to the technical departments of industrial companies.

• EC certification of special equipment.

The experience making research and development projects by  ITERA-T, come from Grupo CIMA, Mechanical Engineering of Vigo's University, of which it is spin off and from which we inherit an important know-how in this respect.  The experience of his human equip stimulates us to keep looking for more innovative techniques and ambitious solutions, developing our own products or collaborating and advising our clients in innovative projects.

Recently we obtain the ISO 9001 Certification, that guarantees our clients that we possess elements of qualit administration in the company to have an effective system that let us to manage and to improve the quality of our servives. 

Ingeniería Itera-t

Bivalplus, batea
Bivalplus, batea