EXCAL is a project that appear from heat exchanger calculation necesity “Shell and tube” tipo TEMA, load and performance optimized, employing finite elements and calculation technology CFD for INGENIERÍA Y MONTAJE RÍAS BAJAS, S.A.

The traditional calculate process in a heat exchanger just as TEMA is a hard and repetitive process, that is realized by finite elements analysis of CAD 3D heat exchanger models. To reach the optimized geometry, it’s necessary to do a lot of finite elements analysis and modify successively the 3D models until find a heat exchanger that fulfill the regulations at reduced price. So, a design according to the regulations  it’s a slowly process.

The problem was tackled by the fulfillment of a design and dimensioning software at pipe’s heat exchanger (INTERCAL) that checks the obligation of TEMA’s normative for indicated temperature conditions, pressures, fluids, ferrule measurements, wall thickness…In addition, once it was found the correct geometry, it’s realize the CAD 3D  automatically in SolidWorks software to realice a FEM analysis and fulfill the results.

Avoiding consecutives geometry analysis and changes, it’s been obtained a time reduction of 30%, a productive capacity increase at the company, a heat exchanger’s performance energetic increase, as well as employed material optimization.