Energy Performance Certificates

The 16th of April 2013, it was become effective the RD 235/2013 at 5th of April, for what all housings, establishments, buildings…that are going to be renting or sold, must have an energy performance certificate.

Our technical office with Industrial Engineer qualified to realice certifications, allow us to determinate a housing quality from energy saving point of view. As a result of the certificate a report and a energy performance certificate tag are made. The energy performance certificate tag ranging the system as A( for the best performance) to G (the worst).

Besides, our experts pick up the places where the unnecessary expenses are producced and they suggest optimun and practicable solutions to the owners, to improve the dwelling quality in energy saving terms.

The energy performance certificate has 10 years of validity, and it’s determinated by the year’s housing constrution and the characteristics of it. An in-situ visit to the placement are made, to verify it.