CYDEMATI is a project carried out with the collaboration of The Research Group CIMA (EG-06) belongs to Vigo’s University.

The project CYDEMATI has for final aim to reach a virtual characterization of the compounds materials used in the production of ship hulls, that allows an analysis by finite elements of them, and in this way has the requirements to optimize the geometry. By this way, it will obtain a highest material performance, avoiding excessive thinkness. This  will allow the ships load lightening with the proportional working benefits.

To reach that, tests were been realized on test tubes taken during the manufacturing process of a hull, as the regulation stipulates. These tests are been observed in-situ by a research team of the group CIMA and executed in a lab that RODMAN POLYSHIPS S.A have, by able personal. These tests were been carried out according to Lloyd’s Register regulation, one of the ranking society with highest relevance at naval sector.

Technical Aims:

  • Development of new methods at watercraft calculation and design based on compounds materials.
  • Optimization of stiffness/weight agreement.
  • Time reduction and cost at naval design.
  • Productive capacity increase at engineering basic process for watercrafts.
  • To solve situations of ships stress calculation with materials clearly heterogeneous and anisotropic.
  • To determine with accuracy the loads distribution along the ship structure, in such a way that all the elements that form part of the watercraft structural architecture could be optimized.
  • Build of two prototype hulls according to each of the models, from this project: recreational and professional boating. It will be build once obtained the structural architecture design that fulfill the FEA test.