This project has the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) support by the innovation technology projects finance, inside of Operational Program ERFD GALICIA 2007-2013, whose principal aim is the raw material’s control system optimization, using a original computer system. This system allows a traceability and raw material quality control, along the production process since the arrival at workshop to his final product change. It’s make possible to avoid Stock breaks, to control Jobs, rectify mistaken stocks or wrong planning forecast, etc.

Once stablished the system, the responsible person can have all the time knowledge about the raw material traceability, the consumptions made, the fails detected, the exactly ubication where a piece is or manufactured orders made with this texture among other important information. This method allows system fails detection in fabrication and design, excessive consumptions or others movements that cause a difference between theoretical stock and real stock. Acts that at the same time create total distrust in the stock authenticity by the responsible staff, what brings to do counts from time to time, occasioning an important time lose.

The system include a continuous assessment of raw materials, that allows chose one piece or another, depending on their quality characteristics and at the same time remove them for not fulfilling the minimum of demanded quality. Thanks to this assessment it’s possible to know the supplier evaluation about the materials for a following analysis and the determination of future purchases and suppliers.

It’s turn to standard methods and apps production that take charge of process control so that the project fulfill the aims and the requirements for those that it has been realized, keeping a trustworthy system and in this way improve mostly the productivity.

Pieza Molde


This project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), inside of CONECTA – PEME 2014 Program, in which also collaborate on the AXENCIA GALEGA DE INNOVACIÓN of XUNTA DE GALICIA. The project consist in optimize a serie of medical and manufactured technologies, by the use of new materials, that allows to prepare and to produce custom prosthetic bras at acceptable prices.

General aims of PROMARK are covering the women present needs, subjected to mastectomy that can’t be reconstructed or in reconstruction process and in the other side, develop a technology that allows to design and to produce customized bust bra for this kind of clients.

ITERA TÉCNICA shows a clear bet on this ambicious project and the aim at this point is that the effort in questions as quality and innovation could turn compensated with a good ranking position in the market in relation to the rivals. It makes necessary a continuous adjustment and evolution, either in the materias or new technologies.

Bras are designed according to a bio-compatible geometry of clients mastectomy. Is for that question, why the cup and the padding in the bra are specifically designed by keeping in mind client bodies geometry. Besides this, we never lose sight of obtaining aesthetically attractive bras that follow current fashionable trends, or the idea of overcome the principal hurdle for this bras develop, that is the highest charge that suposse his development with current technology.

The achieve of these totally customized, aesthetically attractive and low cost bras, is the reflection of the company commintment on this project and the high effort in quality and innovation facts.

Construcción del utillaje


AEROGAL is a project financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), inside CONECTA – PEME 2013 program, in which also collaborates the AXENCIA GALEGA DE INNOVACIÓN of XUNTA DE GALICIA. Essentially is about the development of a integrated work platform for aeronautic sector.

This project looks for the free resources of the galician autonomous community like are the technologies, infrastructure and current equipment, but above all the know-how of automotive sector to oriented them, at special material machining as Titanium or special Aluminium and Nickel alloys.

ITERA TÉCNICA carries out the development of a virtual tool that allows to get new design and calculation methodologies for aeronautic pieces. It carries out the industrial process optimization, the time reduction and cost. It’s about of develop trustworthy systems of structural calculation in especial materials pieces, that need FEA specific calculation technics and the use of high advanced software (ANSYS V12).

Throught the horizontal and configurable knowledge, the already said engineering specific tool, develop for ITERA TÉCNICA gives answers to a number of aeronautic sector typical needs, includes potencial application in whole sector.

The inclusion in aeronautic sector, increase the ITERA-TÉCNICA market share as well as the competitiveness or the technology and bussiness activity position at international market. But we must mention the important effort that means for our company to have the necessary resources to deal with this relevant and important challenge.